Who Owns a Song Created by AI?

Barsik Law Office


Lawmakers have begun to contemplate new rules when it comes to AI-Artificial Intelligence tools that can produce copycats of human works that dilute the market and use artists’ work, without their permission as training data. Currently, US Copyright recognizes only human-authorship, works “created by a human being”. Currently, there are no clear rules on Copyrights generated by AI and robots have been traditionally exempt from liability. There are several pending lawsuits of copyright infringement by Generative AI. Artists are suing for compensation for their work and AI companies argue the purpose is “transformative” as opposed to “expressive”. Copyright Acts vests ownership initially in author or authors of work so who will have the liability for Fair Use, the companies that provide the software, the user prompting the machine, or both? New standards for fair learning may be in the near future.