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Trademarks such as business names, logos, catchy tunes or slogans are critical elements of a business’s identity. They can also be the keys to profitable success. Enterprises or professional practices of all shapes and sizes carve out their reputations for a certain high level of quality and branding originality using various types of trademarks. Protecting this identity – known through a trademark and the overall trade dress – is increasingly more important and valuable. Now, more than ever, with the internet and opportunists seeking audiences in a progressively competitive global marketplace, safeguarding one’s identity, ideas and reputation is essential.

Establishing a brand identity is a pivotal aspect of business. It involves creating a distinct image, reputation and recognition for a company, product or service. Effective branding encompasses various elements, such as logo design, messaging, values and visual aesthetics. Crafting a compelling brand identity can foster customer loyalty, differentiate a business from competitors, and convey its unique personality and values. It’s a strategic endeavor that requires careful consideration of the target audience, market positioning, and consistent communication across different platforms and touchpoints.

At the Barsik Law Office, our experienced trademark attorney provides comprehensive trademark and trade dress services for our clients, including the scope and process of what trademarks mean and how to protect them.

Preserve Your Distinguished Identity And Reputation

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your individual or business trademark needs. We are equipped to help you get your intellectual property (IP) house in order. Our New Jersey based attorney provides our clients with comprehensive trademark and trade dress services, including:

  • Trademark counseling – Providing knowledgeable counsel and advice regarding licensing opportunities, the availability of marks, and guidance for researching new ideas and branding possibilities

  • Marketplace analysis – Determining the viability of a trademark based on distinctiveness and existing trademarks as well as researching and providing clearance reports

  • Registry of trademarks – Researching the availability of the trademarks clients wish to apply for and register

  • Drafting and maintaining portfolios Offering guidance and advocacy for national and international registration, registration renewals and the expansion of brands as a business evolves

  • Developing enforcement strategies Enforcing exclusivity of the use of trademarks, which is essential in keeping control of a brand

When infringement by others occurs, it can be costly to a business. We can help you monitor the marketplace so that you will be aware in a timely manner when other individuals or entities are about to use or have already used your rightful trademarks. We will work to apply the most effective methods of enforcing your trademark rights through warnings or lawsuits.

Safeguard Your Brand Identity


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At the Barsik Law Office, our purpose is helping entrepreneurs succeed and protecting clients through comprehensive IP advocacy. Start the process of solidifying your trademark security today, beginning with a frank conversation with our New Jersey trademark lawyer.

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Why Trademark Your Brand?

Put An End To Impersonation, And Secure Your Brand Identity

Seize control of the sole rights to your brand name, slogan and logo by putting a halt to competitor activities that cause confusion or exploit your brand.

Safeguard Your Trademark Entitlements

By registering a trademark, you establish a stronger position to take legal action against those who infringe upon your mark.

Harness The Strength Of The Registered Trademark Symbol

Demonstrate your serious commitment to your business and cultivate a robust brand presence using the power of the registered trademark (®) symbol.