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About Our Intellectual Property Rights Law Firm

The Law Office of Kattina V. Barsik, Esq. was founded almost two decades ago. Since then we have gained respect and much repeat business from fledgling entrepreneurs and investors as well as complex, sophisticated businesses with intellectual property (IP) needs. We are proud of the way that our practice has grown organically through referrals and client satisfaction. At the same time, we regularly welcome newly interested individuals and organizations to the fold.

We look forward to meeting you and getting acquainted. To learn more about our attorney’s history and credentials, follow this link:

To begin the conversation that can lead to the IP protection solutions that you are looking for, contact the Law Office of Kattina V. Barsik, Esq., through this website.

Delivering Personalized Solutions For Creative Clients, Both Individuals And Businesses

Innovators and businesses that promote their products and services typically have specific objectives, including:

No matter what your IP concerns are, we are confident that we can offer you the services you need to protect your creative works and all commerce related to them.

Learn More, And Tell Us About Your IP Needs

The initial consultation entails the first step of acquainting clients and attorneys, where both parties engage in understanding each other. This phase centers around addressing the clients’ legal inquiries and their respective backgrounds. Likewise, clients can anticipate a tailored introduction to Ms. Barsik and her proficiencies, showcasing her preparedness to identify optimal strategies for safeguarding various forms of intellectual property. The aim is for clients to reach out, initiating a dialogue that sets the foundation for collaboration.

To schedule a consultation, call 973-559-5355 or send an email inquiry for a prompt response.