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Inventors and companies whose work products include new inventions often need help with the patent search and prosecution processes.

We help clients across the United States with all aspects of obtaining patents and managing their patent portfolios. At the Barsik Law Office, we can guide you efficiently and knowledgeably through the steps of obtaining patents for your inventions.

What We Will Look For When Doing Patent Searches For Your Company

Patent searches involve online searches of databases at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the Canadian patent office database, the EU patent office database, the Great Britain patent office database, the Chinese patent office database and the Japanese office database. Patent records at this federal agency reveal whether a proposed new patent is available.

Through a patent search, we can help you discover patents:

  • That have been granted

  • That have been applied for and published with that status

Published patents that have not yet been granted are described as “patent pending.”

Our New Jersey patent search attorney has a good track record in the area of patent searches, but we know from experience that some patents are extra hard to find. We keep clients informed about the potential for missing obscure patents despite our careful searching. In nearly all cases, we are able to find patents or patent applications that are out there with the exclusion of patent applications that have not been published.

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The Importance Of Prior Art Searches

When considering a novel invention, it’s wise to conduct a prior art search before committing resources to the pursuit of patent protection. This preliminary step involves engaging a patent attorney or patent agent to scrutinize publicly available information that might predate your invention. This includes published patents, patent applications, periodicals and pertinent sources of public knowledge.

Employing a blend of methods, such as keyword searches, name searches, the examination of art classifications employed by the USPTO, and other innovative search techniques, the goal is to uncover any existing prior art that either teaches or hints at your invention’s concept. This diligent prior art search aids in making informed decisions about investing time and capital into securing patent rights.

Our New Jersey Patent Search Lawyer Will Prepare To Help You Make Your Case Before The USPTO

Ultimately, when you apply for a patent, you will be working with a USPTO officer. Their opinion about the patentability of your invention will take precedence over yours or ours. Part of our job will be to gather and present evidence in your favor. The patent search that we do will lay a strong foundation for this fact-finding.

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