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Getting and keeping patents are not always straightforward actions. Rather, they require key decisions and steps to follow. Planning patent searches, applying for patents, renewing them as needed and pruning patents that are no longer useful are all steps in an overall patent portfolio management strategy.

Individuals and businesses of all sizes in the United States rely on us at the Barsik Law Office, for effective patent portfolio management. We consider it a privilege to partner with our clients in support of their success in making their inventions profitable.

Manage Your Patents Effectively


Aspects Of Patent Portfolio Management

Allowing an IP attorney to manage your patent portfolio enables you to focus on creativity and other areas of your business operations. Our services are especially valuable for large companies with extensive overall IP portfolios. If the two of you decide to work together, we will likely address the areas of concern below.

Business strategy: We will help ensure that the patents you pursue and hold align with your overall strategy and budget. You don’t want unnecessary renewal fees and other expenses to eat away at your bottom line unless there is long-term value there. With our knowledgeable counsel, we will help you understand ways to control costs while preserving the value of the patents that matter the most to your business. In regular, succinct meetings with you, we will confirm the ongoing relevance of your IP tools and make recommendations accordingly.

Patent rights holders: If your company is large or has a lengthy history, we will help you keep track of the patent rights holders who should be in the loop whenever we propose changes to your patent portfolio.

Patent searches: On a one-time or ongoing basis, we will help you identify inventions in the works that merit patent protection. Then, as needed, we will conduct and update you on the status of patent searches for your next best projects. We will guide you so that you file relevant patent applications in support of the long-term benefits of your business.

Patent applications: In consultation with you, we are prepared to manage the lengthy process of applying for patents on your behalf through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). We will take a load off your plate by doing those things that we can do without your involvement and bringing you in strategically and efficiently for any parts of the process that need your input. As part of this area of patent portfolio management, we will help you clarify whether to apply to patent offices in other countries besides the U.S. and how to do so.

Renewals: In line with your overall strategy, we will help you carry out timely renewals of patents that you hold and identify those that can be pruned from your portfolio. You may choose not to renew patents that you have decided to sunset. Balancing costs with long-range benefits will always be a strong consideration as you decide whether to renew patents.

At the Barsik Law Office, we will devote our full attention to your business plans and patents.

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