New Jersey Copyright Enforcement Attorneys

A significant part of our law practice has to do with copyrights. We help clients determine whether copyrights are appropriate for their needs. When the answer is yes, we then help them complete copyright registration. If someone later infringes on our clients’ copyrights, we help them enforce their legal rights to their creative works.

It is not enough to understand the meaning of a copyright, which is the exclusive legal right given to an originator or an assignee to print, publish, perform, film or record literary, artistic or musical material and to authorize others to do the same. You must also preserve the value of the copyright, and to do that, you may need to take legal action against anyone who attempts to steal the creative expressions of your ideas.

At the Barsik Law Office, you will find the counsel and representation that is necessary to protect your copyrights. Personalized service is a strength in our law practice. We have helped many clients address troublesome situations involving their copyrights.

How Our Copyright Attorney Can Help Safeguard Your IP

A large part of what is involved in protecting copyrights is monitoring the marketplace for infringements. Many private individuals and personnel at small companies lack the knowledge, time and/or tools that are necessary when scouring the internet and the world of commerce for evidence of copyright infringement. We provide these services to our clients by applying tried-and-tested techniques that often uncover instances of infringement on clients’ copyrights.

When we or our clients discover infringements, we take action. This includes:

  • Sending cease and desist letters

  • Resolving disputes in settlement negotiations

Protect Your Copyrights Effectively


Copyright Litigation

A copyright bestows an individual with the exclusive privilege to reproduce, license or exploit the IP encompassing their original artistic, literary, musical, dramatic or creative works, as manifested through a tangible medium. At the Barsik Law Office, we safeguard our clients by engaging in both the protection and assertion of claims related to copyright infringement. We are proficient in guiding clients on preemptive measures to avert potential infringements.

Alternatively, we excel in offering post-incident assistance, such as facilitating negotiations for licensing agreements and settlements to sidestep the necessity of resorting to legal proceedings when feasible. We adopt a multifaceted approach to tackle infringement concerns, employing strategies like issuing cease and desist letters, conducting negotiations, fostering mediation and orchestrating arbitration to effectively resolve such issues.

Protect Your Copyrights And Their Value

If you have been affected by copyright infringement, we will find ways to make the violation stop and help you recover damages that you may have incurred as a result.

To schedule a consultation, call the Barsik Law Office, at or contact us by email to schedule a consultation with our experienced copyright enforcement attorney.