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Estate planning can be daunting. But at the core of protecting your family's future and safeguarding those hard-earned assets, there's a straightforward solution: setting up a trust. Trusts are a powerful tool that helps you skip the slow and pricey probate process and protects your assets, smoothly passing them down to future generations.  

At Barsik Law Office, we've dedicated over 14 years to meticulously guiding our clients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania through the nuances of strategic estate planning. We are here to tailor your trust to fit your personal needs and wants, offering both protection and peace of mind.

Whether you're aiming for asset protection, succession planning, or simply ensuring your loved ones are taken care of, our team is committed to accompanying you every step of the way in establishing a trust that aligns with your goals. 

What Are Trusts? 

A trust is a legal arrangement that allows a third party, or trustee, to manage assets on behalf of a beneficiary or beneficiaries. Trusts are versatile tools that can be tailored to meet various financial, legal, and personal goals. Understanding the different types of trusts and their unique benefits is the first step in determining the right strategy for you. 

Some common types of trusts include: 

  • Revocable Trusts: Often referred to as living trusts, these allow for flexibility and control over the assets during the grantor's lifetime, with the assets transferring to the designated beneficiaries upon the grantor's death. 

  • Irrevocable Trusts: Unlike revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts cannot be altered once they have been established. This type of trust is often used for asset protection and tax planning. 

  • Special Needs Trusts: Designed to benefit individuals with disabilities without jeopardizing their eligibility for government assistance. 

  • Charitable Trusts: Established to provide a benefit to a particular charity or the general public, combining philanthropic goals with potential tax advantages. 

Ultimately, the right type of trust can provide essential financial protection and ensure your legacy is passed on according to your wishes. 

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Key Components of a Trust 

A trust's framework is built upon three pivotal roles: 

  • Grantor: The individual initiating the trust and providing the assets. 

  • Trustee: Appointed to manage the trust as per the grantor's instructions. 

  • Beneficiary: Receivers of the trust's benefits, as stated by the grantor. 

Understanding each component is crucial for the creation and management of a trust, setting it up to function as intended for the benefit of the beneficiaries. 

Establishing a Trust 

Setting up a trust involves a clear step-by-step process: 

  • Identifying the trust's purpose to guide its structure. 

  • Selecting the type of trust that best suits your needs. 

  • Transferring assets into the trust's name. 

  • Drafting the trust agreement, detailing the trustee's obligations, the beneficiaries' rights, and the trust's operational framework. 

By following these steps, you establish a solid foundation for your trust, aligning it with your financial and personal goals while securing its benefits for your beneficiaries. 

Advantages of Having a Trust 

Trusts offer several advantages: 

  • Asset protection: Trusts can protect assets from creditors, lawsuits, and claims from outside parties. 

  • Probate avoidance: Assets held in a trust can bypass the probate process, facilitating a smoother and potentially quicker transfer to beneficiaries. 

  • Tax benefits: Certain types of trusts can provide tax advantages, such as charitable trusts or irrevocable trusts designed for estate tax planning. 

  • Control and flexibility: Trusts allow for detailed instructions on asset distribution, ensuring that your wishes are carried out precisely. 

In essence, trusts serve as a versatile and strategic approach to estate planning, offering a blend of protection, efficiency, and control over the management and distribution of your assets. 

Trust Administration and Management 

Effective trust administration is crucial for the trust to function as intended. This involves managing the trust's assets, making distributions to beneficiaries, and verifying compliance with all legal and tax obligations. Our attorneys provide comprehensive trust administration services, ensuring that your trust operates smoothly and efficiently. 

Trust Litigation 

Disputes can arise in the administration of a trust, whether due to disagreements among beneficiaries, challenges to the validity of the trust, or issues with the trustee's performance. Our attorneys have extensive experience in trust litigation, advocating for our clients' interests and working towards favorable resolutions. 

How an Attorney Can Help 

Our team at Barsik Law Office is committed to providing comprehensive legal counsel and innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Our attorneys can help determine the most suitable type of trust for your circumstances, draft and review trust documents so they accurately reflect your wishes, go through the administration and management of the trust, and represent you in any trust-related litigation. 


Q: Can I change my trust once it's established? 

A: Yes, if it is a revocable trust. Irrevocable trusts are generally not modifiable. 

Q: Are all trusts protected from creditors? 

A: Not all trusts offer asset protection. The level of protection depends on the type of trust and how it is structured. 

Q: How does a trust avoid probate? 

A: Assets held in a trust are transferred directly to beneficiaries upon the grantor's death, bypassing the probate process. 

Trusts Attorneys Serving Pennsylvania

Trusts are powerful tools in estate planning, offering flexibility, protection, and peace of mind. Whether you are looking to protect your assets, plan for your family's future, or contribute to charitable causes, there is a trust that can be tailored to your needs.

Reach out to us at Barsik Law Office today to explore how we can assist you in establishing and managing a trust that secures your legacy and achieves your estate planning objectives. 

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