New Jersey Copyright Registration Attorneys

Keeping up to date with technology and intellectual property (IP) protection is essential for businesses and product innovators. Understanding what types of IP protection you need and the most efficient ways to enforce your rights includes knowing whether you need copyrights and, if so, how to register them.

Do You Need A Copyright Or Something Else?

One key question our clients often ask is, “Do I need a copyright, a patent or another type of legal tool to keep my content or invention safe from unauthorized reproduction by others?” Addressing this concern is the first order of business at an initial consultation with our attorney at the Barsik Law Office. If copyrighting is right for you, then you will want to understand the proper steps for registering a United States copyright.

Whether you are a business owner, product developer, content contributor or prospective new owner of art, written or recorded music, or written prose content, you may wonder whether copyrights will give your creations the protection you are looking for. Are you about to self-publish a book, record original music or perform a piece of music in public for the first time? A copyright is likely what you need to protect your creative expression through these media. A copyright may also meet your requirements as you are creating graphic designs, computer software and applications, digital content for websites, games or dramatic works.

To understand how to safeguard your IP for any purpose, our lawyer will evaluate what you need to protect as well as its value. She can give you instructions on how to register a copyright or how to license IP, or you can hire her to accomplish these objectives on your behalf.

Start Copyright Registration Process


We Will Simplify The Copyright Registration Process For You

Our copyright attorney assists with the registration of copyrights for businesses, entrepreneurs, independent contractors, developers, programmers, lyricists, architects, writers, artists and other creatives throughout New Jersey. Registering copyrights will help you protect your copyrights and give you the benefits that come with registration, even though it is not strictly necessary.

You may need to register only one copyright, or you may have many to register and keep tabs on. We can take the load off your shoulders by managing the entire copyright portion of your IP portfolio. If you sell or transfer copyrighted materials to others, then we can clarify and/or adjust ownership of the copyrights.

Get Help From A Seasoned New Jersey Copyright Registration Lawyer

No matter what your copyright registration hopes are, we are confident that we have the IP knowledge and experience that you are looking for. Contact us in our New Jersey office by sending an email inquiry or calling.