New Jersey Trademark Counseling Attorneys

An important first step in intellectual property (IP) protection for many creatives and creative-focused businesses is seeking counseling about trademarks. An IP lawyer is an ideal source of related information and guidance.

Your literary, artistic or musical creations ideally come forth from your fountain of good ideas. Adding marketing savvy and legal protections are important even in the early stages of the development of the branding of your ideas so that you can make and keep them profitable. The Barsik Law Office helps individuals and business owners maximize their opportunities for profitability potential through careful selection and protection of trademarks.

Is The Expression Of Your Idea Marketable?

Trademarks help make a bridge between creations and their marketability, and they are a form of IP. A trademark can be a visual representation of a product or service. When trademarks represent services instead of items, they may be called service marks.

As you are reviewing or attempting to create a trademark or service mark, you can turn to us for evaluation and counsel regarding a:

  • Business name

  • Logo

  • Jingle or catchy tune

  • Slogan

Consult Trademark Counselors


Decisions that you make early on in the selection process can have a very long-lasting impact on your brand’s viability. Are your good ideas suitable to use as trademarks? We can help you explore this question and carry out the following:

Your chosen trademark will set the created art, music or writing apart from others in the marketplace. The owner of a trademark may be a person, organization or legal entity. The trademark may be found on packaging, labels, tickets or an item such as a backpack or shoes. Discuss all these possibilities and others with us during your initial consultation about our trademark services.

We Offer Counseling On Trademarks For Creative And Business Clients

To schedule a consultation about your branding ideas, including trademarks, call or send us an email inquiry to schedule a consultation with our trademark lawyer. We will get back to you promptly.