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As a company grows, managing trademarks is an essential part of its overall development. As new products are released into the marketplace, they will typically carry branding marks, such as packaging or logos. An intellectual property (IP) lawyer who helps keep the collection of trademarks owned by a company can be a great asset.

At the Barsik Law Office, our experienced New Jersey trademark lawyer assists business owners and managers through efficient trademark portfolio management.

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Trademark portfolios have a way of becoming burdensome for product managers. At the Barsik Law Office, our services related to this aspect of business can lift the workloads of companies and provide reassurance that legalities are addressed every step of the way.

Examples of our New Jersey trademark portfolio attorney’s management services include the following:

  • Helping business owners and managers determine their most valuable assets for which trademarks will be essential

  • Proactively preventing infringement on other companies’ trademarks

  • Ensuring that trademarks are registered appropriately at the state, federal and international levels

  • Ensuring that trademarks are registered in the correct countries

  • Keeping track of the progress of trademark applications, renewals and periodic reviews

Large companies, in particular, often end up with large numbers of trademarks to keep track of. Not only does turning over trademark portfolio management to us make sense, but it’s also often essential. We believe that we deliver value to our clients in part by helping them monitor and manage the costs of registering, renewing and protecting trademarks.

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Don’t Neglect Your Company’s Trademark Portfolio

Trademarks are one of a variety of important ways by which to protect a company’s valuable IP. Our New Jersey Trademark lawyer helps companies ensure that their trademarks are registered in appropriate countries, stay on top of the registration and renewal process, enforce trademarks when infringement happens and apply efficiencies to keep costs from getting out of control.

In addition to managing our clients’ trademark portfolios, we help them with larger discussions regarding other forms of IP protection, such as copyrights and patents, and opportunities to increase profitability through licensing.

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