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The evolution of your invention may be a long story involving innumerable twists and turns. Whether the journey was a long one or a sudden breakthrough of thought, your invention deserves all the protection the law provides. The protection you need may be accomplished with one or more patents.

At the Barsik Law Office, we provide creatives, scientists, lucky pragmatists and other inventors with the straightforward patent, copyright and trademark guidance they need. We focus exclusively on intellectual property (IP) law. At our New Jersey patent law office, we serve clients across the United States.

Confirm That Your Creation Is New, Useful And Nonobvious – In Other Words, Patentable

The first step in obtaining a patent is to determine whether your work qualifies for the federal government’s safeguard. A patent will grant you the right to reap the monetary benefits of your invention for 20 or more years. Obtaining a patent is a long process, especially if you try to do it without the help of an experienced IP attorney.

We assist our clients through every step of the process of patent prosecution, including:

  • Searches – We search the United States Patent And Trademark Office (USPTO) databases to determine if other similar inventions may stand in the way of the patentability of our clients’ work. We also search international patent databases, including the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, the European Patent Office, the Japan Patent Office and the China National Intellectual Property Administration, in addition to conducting extensive, in-depth internet searches for existing devices that may already have patents.

  • Drafting – We write or draw adequate descriptions of your invention to meet the technical and statutory requirements

  • Filing – We accurately complete and submit the USPTO patent application along with supporting documents, including the information disclosure statement (IDS)

Once the application is in the hands of the USPTO examiners, there will be a series of office actions, interviews, responses, continuations, divisionals or appeals before the patent is issued or the application is rejected. Once a final or provisional patent is issued, the process of maintaining it along with the rest of your portfolio of patents begins

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Help With Many Types Of Patents

We can help you with a wide range of patent types, including:

  • Electrical and computer technology

  • Software

  • Medical devices

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Semiconductor and integrated circuits

  • Software and mobile applications

  • Aviation

  • Sports and fitness

  • Toy and game products

  • Marine and boating

  • Consumer products

  • Automotive products

  • Robotics

  • Firearms and self-defense

Contact our office at with questions about your patent type.

Opting For A Predictable Pricing Model In Patent Safeguarding

Our commitment to cost efficiency remains unwavering. With a focus on transparent goals and financial constraints, we adopt a predominantly flat-fee structure for a wide array of services encompassing:

  • Crafting, submitting and advancing patent applications within the USPTO

  • Providing assessments on patent eligibility, soundness, potential infringement, and freedom of utilization

  • Vigorously defending patent entitlements through litigation within U.S. federal courts and during the appeals process

  • Engaging in proceedings following patent issuance under the purview of the USPTO

Find A New Jersey Patent Attorney To Prosecute Your Patent Successfully

We develop long-term relationships with our clients. We will work hard to help you increase the value of your company. By enabling you to obtain a patent, we can prevent others from benefitting from your original invention, track competitors and, perhaps, help you generate and develop new ideas. If you have multiple patents and other IP protections, then we can serve you well by managing your entire IP portfolio. Consider freeing yourself up to build your business while we keep watch over your patents, copyrights and trademarks.

Reach out to request a free initial consultation by phone or email. Get together with our New Jersey patent lawyer face to face or remotely to discuss the merits of your patent idea, and get ready to launch a feasibility search. We pledge to keep all that you discuss completely confidential. Call or send an online inquiry to get started.