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Copyright holders often search for available tools that can help them preserve their intellectual property (IP) rights. One avenue that should not be overlooked is the enforcement of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

At the Barsik Law Office, our owner and founding attorney assists authors, artists and composers of creative works in the protection of their copyrighted works on third-party websites by activating provisions of the DMCA.

How To Use The DMCA To Protect Your Online Creative Material

The DMCA was passed by Congress in 1998 when the use of the internet was becoming widespread. It was designed to protect copyright holders as well as internet providers and hosting websites.

When copyright infringement is detected, available remedies that are spelled out in the DMCA involve the delivery of the following to infringers:

  • Notices

  • Takedown letters

According to the DMCA, website hosts are not allowed to provide false information about the authorship of content. In addition, copyright owners have rights to legal protections against unauthorized access to their works. When they become aware of infringement, they are to inform online service providers about infringing material with the expectation that it will be taken down.

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When Your Copyright Is Experiencing Infringement, Insist On Compliance With The DMCA

In 2020, an addendum to the DMCA, the Copyright Claims Board (CCB), was established within the U.S. Copyright Office. We help creative clients make claims to the CCB and/or takes their cases to trial, if necessary.

We represent our clients by informing infringers of their opportunities to do the right thing. We may remind website hosts and others of the safe harbors that the DMCA provides by limiting monetary and other forms of liability for copyright infringement in exchange for expeditiously removing infringing content in cooperation with copyright holders.

Turn To An IP Protection Lawyer For DMCA Advice

Are you a website contributor, host or provider who has received a DMCA takedown notice? Get an attorney’s advice on how to respond to and comply with it and clear your name.

No matter which side of the story is yours in a copyright infringement case, turn to our experienced New Jersey copyright lawyer for personalized IP protection. Call the Barsik Law Office or send an email inquiry to schedule a consultation.