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These days, there is an app for everything – and mobile app technology is a valuable form of intellectual property that needs to be protected against abuse and misuse. A patent can be an invaluable shield for your app’s unique features and can strengthen your market position.

Navigating the patent process is not easy. Individual creators and companies all over the nation come to us at the Barsik Law Office, for patent prosecution and patent management. We aim to build a long-term relationship with you to support you on your journey to success.

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Can You Patent A Mobile App?

An app is a special type of software, and while software can be patented, you need to follow a very specific process to be successful. The two main phases include:

  • Preparing and filing your patent application: This means identifying what makes your app unique and useful. It also means determining whether a utility patent or design patent (or both) would be best and compiling extensive supporting paperwork.

  • Prosecuting the application: Your application has to be examined to make certain that your app is eligible for a patent. If your application is rejected, a timely response must be submitted to keep things moving – and that process can go on for years.

In short, creating a mobile app is just the first stage in its effective monetization. Our lawyer takes on the burden of making sure your app is properly patented and protected, so you can continue to focus on your business and creative goals.

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Obtaining and maintaining your patents is the only way to increase your IP’s long-term value and stop others from making money off your hard work and original inventions. You cannot afford to make a mistake when your IP is on the line, so the services of an experienced patent attorney are essential.

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