The Importance of Trademark Portfolio Management in Protecting Your Brand

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Most New Jersey businesses have more than one trademark. Your company logo, slogan and other imagery all represent you, the work you do and how you treat your customers. They set you apart from your competition in the minds of consumers. Collectively, they all matter and must be protected.

Registering your trademarks is an important first step, but it is only the beginning. Trademark portfolio management is a method of protecting these vital assets from infringement and reducing the risk of litigation. It is the active process of protecting and administering a business’ trademarks. By seeking out potential infringements and conflicts with other trademarks, your business can take care of them, often before they turn into big problems that require expensive litigation to resolve. This proactive approach also avoids confusion in the marketplace and helps you maintain the integrity of your trademarks to the public. When consumers see your logo, they can know that a particular product or service came from you.

Too much for most business owners to handle on their own

Of course, you have a business to run. You, your partners and your executives and managers have little time to perform trademark portfolio management. Also, the work can be highly technical and confusing for someone inexperienced in intellectual property law. An IP attorney can handle these tasks on your behalf:

  • Trademark clearance search

  • Registering your trademarks

  • Developing and administering a trademark portfolio strategy

  • Renewing trademarks

  • Advising and representing you in trademark infringement conflicts

Ongoing and active trademark portfolio management can save your business a great deal of time, worry and money, while preserving the trademarks you created or purchased.