Taco John’s Gives up Its ‘Taco Tuesday’ Trademark After a Battle with Taco Bell : NPR

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Taco John’s regional chain and owner of the US Trademark “Taco Tuesdays” has ended its fight against Taco Bell. In May Taco Bell filed a petition to cancel the Trademark owned by rival Taco Johns for 34 years. Taco John’s CEO Jim Creel said that the chain prided itself on being home of Taco Tuesdays but paying millions of dollars to defend our mark just doesn’t feel right. As a result of the trademark being abandoned Creel said that its donating $40,000 ($100 per its roughly 400 locations to CORE (Children of Restaurant Employees) a nonprofit organization that helps families in need. Taco Bell did not immediately respond for comment.

Taco John’s has given up its ‘Taco Tuesday’ trademark after a battle with Taco Bell