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Trademark Protection

Trademarks such as business names, logos, catchy tunes or slogans are critical elements of a business’s identity. They can also be a key to profitable success. Enterprises or professional practices of all shapes and sizes carve out their reputations for a certain level of high quality and branding originality using various types of trademarks. Protecting this identity – known through a trademark and overall trade dress – is increasingly more important and valuable. Now more than ever with the internet and opportunist seeking audience in a progressively competitive global marketplace, safeguarding one’s identity, ideas and reputation is essential.

Preserve Your Distinguished Identity And Reputation

We at the Law Offices of Kattina V. Barsik provide comprehensive trademark and trade dress services for my our clients, including the Scope and Process.

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I provide comprehensive trademark and trade dress services for my clients, including:

  • Trademark counseling – Knowledgeable counsel and advice regarding licensing opportunities, availability of marks, and guidance for researching new ideas and branding possibilities
  • Marketplace analysis – Determining viability of a trademark based on distinctiveness and existing trademarks, as well as researching and providing clearance reports
  • Drafting and maintaining portfolios – Guidance and advocacy for national and international registration, renewing registration, expanding brands as a business evolves
  • Developing enforcement strategies – Enforcing exclusivity of use is essential to maintain a trademark

Infringement can be costly to a business. I can help you.

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