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The evolution of your invention may be a long story involving innumerable twists and turns. But whether the journey was a long one or a sudden breakthrough of thought, your invention deserves all the protection the law provides.

I am attorney Kattina V. Barsik, and I provide creatives, scientists, lucky pragmatists and others with inventions the straightforward patent guidance they need. My firm’s exclusive focus is on Intellectual Property law.

Of Course, Your Creation Is New, Useful And Non-Obvious

Or is it? Determining whether your work qualifies for the federal government safeguarding your right to reap the monetary benefits for 20 years through a patent can be a long process without the help of an experienced Intellectual Property attorney.

At the Law Office of Kattina V. Barsik, Esq., LLM, I assist my clients with the process of patent prosecution, including:

  • Searches – Searching the United States Patent And Trademark Office (USPTO) databases to determine if other similar inventions may prevent patentability of your work. I also search International patent databases, including the Canadian Patent Office, the European Union Patent database, the Japanese Patent Office and the Chinese Patent Office, as well as doing an internet search for existing devices.
  • Drafting – Writing or drawing adequate descriptions of your invention to meet the technical and statutory requirements
  • Filing – Accurately completing and submitting the USPTO patent application along with supporting documents, including the information disclosure statement (IDS)

Once in the hands of the USPTO examiners, there may be a series of office actions, interviews, responses, continuations, divisionals or appeals before the patent is issued or the application is rejected. If the patent is issued, the process of maintenance begins.

Speak To An IP Attorney Who Will Be At Your Side

I develop long-term relationships with my clients who often refer my services to others. I will work hard to help you increase the value of your company, prevent others from benefitting from your original invention, track competitors and even help you with new ideas. Send me an email or call my office in Morristown at 973-559-5355 for a confidential consultation.